Scott And Lawson Flight Club Travel Tin


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The Scott and Lawson Flight Club Travel Tin contains four essentials that will keep you looking well groomed. There is body wash, hair wash, face wash, and face cream. Each item has a Black Pepper and Bergamot Fragrance that is a spicy, woody, peppery scent with imperceptible notes of lemon and orange. Each item is in its individual 60ml (2.1fl.oz) bottle, well within the allowance to carry on board in your hand luggage the next time you take a flight.

Supplied in a metal gift tin that measures 10cm (3.9″) height, 15cm (5.9″) width, 6cm (2.3″) depth, the Scott and Lawson Flight Club Travel Tin is the perfect present for any friend, family member or colleague. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to create these four products that will ensure you feel clean, refreshed, and moisturised after use. Suitable for all skin types.