Paladone Icons Marvel Captain Marvel Icon Light Bdp



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Get your hands on this fun Captain Marvel Icon Light and have your favourite super hero by your bedside at all times to keep you safe and sound.

This fun light has a 3D cartoon Captain Marvel design, with the hero herself standing on a black base featuring her famous logo.

Ideal as a gift for lovers of comic books and Captain Marvel movie fans, this light works nicely as a birthday or Christmas present.

The light is 10cm (4″) tall and is powered by two AAA batteries, that are not included.

Captain Marvel is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Carol Danvers. The character Carol Danvers, who first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1968, is a former US Air Force pilot who obtained cosmic powers after being exposed to the energy of the Tesseract. Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel in 2012, and in 2019 the character was given her own film. The movie Captain Marvel, which was released in early 2019 and starred Brie Larson in the title role. The film is set in 1995 and tells the story of how Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel after Earth became intwined in the midst of a conflict between two powerful alien civilisations.

The Captain Marvel Icon Light is an officially licensed Captain Marvel product.

This product is made using BDP? which stands for Breakdown Plastic ? an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at landfill without affecting either its structural integrity (before landfill) or the recyclability of the product.