Jurassic Park Embossed Mug



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With a 400ml (13floz) capacity the Jurassic Park Embossed mug is perfect for any hot or cold beverage of your choice. Take it to your workplace to display your love of this iconic movie and it will also help cut down on your use of disposable plastic cups and bottles.

Its matte granite effect finish will evoke memories of discovering fossils and the highly detailed embossed Jurassic Park logo, including the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, will take you back to the first time you saw the theme park of cloned dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.

Supplied in a full-colour, open-fronted branded gift box. The Jurassic Park Embossed Mug is the perfect present to give any fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. Plus, any collector of official Jurassic Park merchandise will welcome this awesome piece into their collection of memorabilia.