Friends Central Perk Tea Infuser Bdp



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This functional and adorable tea infuser will delight any fan of Friends The Television Series who also enjoys a cup of loose-leaf tea! Drinking loose-leaf tea is the absolute best way to enjoy your tea. Besides the superior fresh aroma and flavour, it provides more powerful antioxidants than tea from teabags.

This unique little infuser lets you enjoy the taste of loose-leaf tea without all the mess and fuss. Just open the stainless steel infuser and fill with your favourite loose leaf tea then place inside your cup and cover with hot water. The cute little Central Perk coffee cup charm provides an easy way for you to remove the infuser from the cup. It can also be used with herbs and spices such as cinnamon or mint.

Supplied as a mini cappuccino cup charm with a stainless steel tea infuser on a card with euro hook slot.